We need committed, resourceful and compassionate advocates who want to learn how to  bring  justice to survivors of homicide. Contact MAM to learn more.

mission & vision

Provide compassionate support to help the silently grieving families of murder victims.  When action meets compassion, lives change!

agency highlight

recent programs

 For the past year, MAM has responded in helping victims of the most vicious jihadists, The ISIS. A genocide and an ethnic cleansing is going on. Please read the PRESS page on how MAM is helping.

Roger Vernon Smith, a community leader and philanthropist who, tiered of hearing about the sufferings of families of murder victims starts MAM as a group of pro-active advocates to make systemic changes.  

Our founder

"Murder is not just another crime! Let's make sure the criminal justice system treats the survivors with the utmost dignity".

Roger V. Smith

12/2003 - (MAM) is formed as a California registered non-profit organization. Involvement in community affairs begins.

12/2009 - Margaret Petros, a professional experienced advocate joins MAM as it's first Executive Director.

01/2010 - Current: Outreach to Survivors of Homicide, Chiefs of Police, Sheriff, County Medical Examiners, District Attorney, Presiding Judge, Community Leaders, Elected Officials and the Media to bring awareness about MAM's work in standing up for victims' rights.

04/2010 and annually thereafter MAM convene and bring SCC Victim Support Network together for a luncheon to honor Victim Advocates.

02/2011 - MAM E.D. appears before State Victim Compensation Board to speak up against the cutting of benefits to crime victims. 

11/2013 - MAM partners with "Parallel Justice Project", Stanford University Pro-Bono Law Clinic where Second Year Law Student Natasha Haney takes the lead for some amazing work to help bring justice to victims throughout her studies at Stanford and until she graduates.

08/2014 - First Victim of ISIS connects with MAM for help.

12/2014 - Heba Tawardoss, CA Licensed Attorney joins MAM.

10/2015 - Assembly Bill 1140 is signed by the Governor to correct some of the gaps with the State Victim Compensation that MAM advocated for in the past five years! Still, we have a long way to go to correctly help crime victims.