Please donate generously to help us put Jose to his final resting place. His mother needs help in covering the $24,000 in Funeral/Burial Cost. 

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Please direct all questions to MAM at (650) 248-9529. We are the victim's authorized representative. 

Jose was violently attacked by a group of about 12 people as he exited the Mexico Bakery on Alum Rock in San Jose. He went to the bakery to get bread for his mother on Sunday, October 6, 2019. Jose was starting a new job the following day.....It's heartbreaking.

Jose passed his written test for his CA Driver License. He was exited to go back for his driving test, but they killed's not right and it's pain like no other for his family and friends. Please donate to help put Jose to his final destination with respect and dignity. 

CA ID Card was received two days after his murder.....imagine the mother's pain when she opened the mail! No one deserves to go through such pain. 

Jose was only 18 years old.....His murder left a devastated mother, two adult brothers and another brother whose a child having a very difficult time dealing with the trauma of losing Jose. Let's help this family and very quickly.

Rest In Peace........May your family finds peace....